Anchor bolt for walls without detachment
Stability / Economic efficiency / aesthetic impression
CoreBolt is an anchor bolt for walls, whose inside extends after the insertion into a wall, so that it does not break away from the wall even during vibration.
It has a physical property of the expansion member pressing the fixing portion by tightening the inner bolt penetrating through the outer bolt.
It can fasten an object without any bracket, and has an excellent interior decoration effect due to the use of the finishing cap.
Inner bolt
Closing cap
Expansion member
Variable-wall installation diagram

Install CoreBolt on the ceiling-variable wall when installing kitchen lamps, point lights, and rail lights, and fix and install the lights on the penetration hole directly without any bracket.







- Additional pressure is secured by additional tightening when hole loosening occurs.
- Not breaking away, even during vibration, due to physical properties resulting from inner expansion
- Securing high safety due to increased load of the object
Economic efficiency
- Having a cost-saving effect by directly fastening the object to Core screw threads penetrating through the outer bolt, without any bracket
- Usable for both variable walls and concrete walls
- Recycling inner bolts/outer bolts which can be dismantled without destruction (recyclable by replacing only damaged expansion members, and applicable to various lock members)
Interior decoration
- Applying a variety of colors to the anti-loosening cap and concurrently hiding the exposure part of the bolt to create a neat exterior design effect
Product Photography

Safety Tip!

Optimal functional bolt to prevent detachment during vibration

• Preventing casualties and property accidents due to the detachment of wall and ceiling attachments during aftershocks

• Preventing casualties and property accidents due to the detachment of exterior wall detachments, such as signboards and advertising attachments, caused by typhoons and gusts

Product specifications

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