"Birth Story of COREBOLT "

  Over the last few centuries, there has been no significant innovation in the way bolts and nuts fastened. We have developed a new type of wall anchor bolt that is different from conventional methods, and put innovative technology value in ensuring safety by applying physical lock to bolt and nut, not traditional friction and elastic methods, to solve the problem of nut loosening. Most earthquake damage is caused by these aftershocks. Repeated aftershocks increase anxiety, and cause the detachment of interior wall attachments, which often leads to a loss of lives and/or damage to property. Conventional wall attachments are mostly fastened with plastic anchor bolt and metal screw, and are detached by vibration due to having no friction-type seismic resistance. Also, the method of fastening bolts and nuts is vulnerable to repetitive vibration, resulting in easy loosening.  In fact, most train derailments are caused by this nut loosening.  All mechanisms and structures that accompany vibration may be always susceptible to a safety accident of nut loosening.


Thus, let's introduce CoreBolt, CoreLock, and SpringLock.


  CoreBolt is an anchor bolt used for wall mounting which is not loosen by vibration, CoreLock is a bolt  with a lock device-embedded therein and specialized in anti-theft by binding up nuts, and SpringLock that keep nuts firmly locked in place by physically restraining the direction of loosening of nuts. Previously, plastic anchor and metal screw used for wall mounting. In this case, when a wall is perforated with a drill, the inside tends to expand without being punctured in a straight line due to the rotating influence of the drill motor. So, Many of plastic anchors used in site are not properly anchored or fastened because the diameter of the drilled hole is slightly bigger than what is supposed to be perforated. In addition, the surface of the concrete may corrode and break due to the thermal deformation caused by the drilling. For this reason, a wall attachment breaks away from a wall during an earthquake.

To solve these problems, we developed CoreBolt. CoreBolt is a bolt structure that generates bi-directional physical properties by fastening the inserted bolt. As a result, there is no detachment despite vibrations, which ensures seismic resistance and safety. Further, the finish cap prevents the nut from exposing its outside, making the effect of interior design excellent.

  CoreLock lock with a built-in physical lock has a very good anti-theft and anti-loose function. In developing countries, there are a lot of road facilities theft accidents. Steel gratings, road signs, etc. can be prevented from theft.  In the case of expensive automobile wheels, the installation of one special bolt on many common bolts may prevent theft accidents. Likewise, the installation of one CoreLock on a number of common bolts will lead to a loss of any intent to steal.


  SpringLock is an anti-loosening product with the structure of a spring and a nut cap, which physically restrains the direction of the loosening of the nut to keep the nut locked even when continuous vibrations are applied. Excessive torque tightening may be applied to improve the axial force at the time of the fastening of nut in site, in which case the nut may be broken.

SpringLock keeps the measured axial force constant against vibration or shock by restraining the nut at the initially fixed position without excessive torque tightening. Traditional anti-loosening nuts have been prevented from being used extensively because of the addition of an anti-loosening part to the upper surface of such nuts through post-machining, thereby resulting in a significant increase in production costs; restrictions on use due to industrial regulations such as national standard, and very high selling prices.

SpringLock does not include a nut, so there is no restriction on use and no post-machining. This makes mass production suitable and the cost very low. In addition, strong nut tightening performance has made quality satisfaction and low cost possible.

SpringLock is easy to be fabricated or be processed and can be applied to large special bolts, making it excellently cost-effective and a magical nut-loosening prevention device that does not loosen due to a failure in restriction.


  Bolts/nuts are called rice in the machine industry, but their fastening methods have not changed much in principle due to industrial standardization in the last century. Industrial regulations should be strengthened in terms of safety but should be relaxed in terms of efficiency. At the threshold of the fourth industry, we are now seeing a situation that avoids the tertiary industry. Now, we think we need to make technological leaps and innovations through regulatory changes and apply them to the tertiary industry so that the industrial capital we have can continue to add value. That is, we would like to talk about innovation in the tertiary industry, not the fourth industry.

I hope Core Bolt Co., Ltd. continues to be a company that constantly challenges itself to do something, a company that is financially strong, a company that shares a win-win relationship with the realization of a high-value-added industry, and finally a company that outlasts me. Thus, I hope Core Bolt Co, Ltd. is a sustainable enterprise that future generations, not my generation, will continue to be able to develop.

Kim Young Kwon /Chief Executive Officer

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