New Standards for Safety



It is a fixing means that can be used in an environment where work is possible only in one direction.  Interior wall and ceiling fixtures include kitchen cabinets, wall-mounted TVs, wall-mounted air conditioners, kitchen lights and projectors, and outdoor fixtures include signs and lights.

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​As a product that is an anchor bolt for walls, it does not break away during vibration, applies high load, and has an interior decoration effect


It is a product with a built-in physical lock, which is specialized in theft prevention.


It is a product that physically restrains a nut's loosening direction and keeps the nut locked firmly.

New Standards for Safety


· Preventing accidental removal of wall attachments

· Preventing property damage and human casualties in aftershocks

· Increase in allowable load of wall attachments



· Strong anti-theft function and theft prevention

· Prevention of accidents caused by theft of outdoor fixtures and public facilities

· Loosening prevention effect


· Applicable to railroads, aircrafts, ships and automobiles to prevent accidents caused by loosening of nuts

· Powerful anti-loosening function

· Reduced maintenance costs

Application in various industrial fields

For consumers, safety and customer satisfaction.

Cost savings and economic benefits for customers

​코어볼트가 모바일 버전이 새롭게 업데이트되었습니다.

​아래의 버튼을 눌러 모바일 버전을 활성화 시켜주세요.


We introduce CoreBolt, which is an anchor bolt for walls that does not break away even during vibration, CoreLock, which is a bolt structure specialized in theft prevention by binding the nut with a bolt structure with a built-in lock, and SpringLock that physically binds the direction of the nut's loosening and keeps the nut locked firmly.


Increase in load with a sense of safety


physical locks and extension members not loosened without special equipment

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