Magic, strong nut using the tension and direction of the spring!
Stability / Economic efficiency / Aesthetic impression
No loosening due to tight binding force! Nuts which are safe even during constant vibration and impact!
Small Cap
As an anti-loosening product that applies the structure and tension of the spring, it keeps the nut firmly locked by physically binding the loosening direction of the nut, when vibration is continuously applied. 
SpringLock is a magic-like nut that can be easily machined and applied to large special bolts, which is excellent at cost reduction and has no loosening due to the action of binding.
SpringLock fastening flow chart







- Powerful anti-loosening effect using spring tension
- Using nut caps to prevent accidental contact and concurrently hide the exposure part of the bolt
Aesthetic impression
- It has a simple installation and dismantling method and is a magic-like device without loosening.
- Applicable to large special bolts
- Reduced maintenance costs
- Applying a variety of colors to the anti-loosening cap and concurrently hiding the exposure part of the bolt to create a neat exterior design effect
Economic efficiency

Application exemplifications

Strong anti-loosening effect

Nut caps preventing contact accidents

Applicable to large special bolts

Application exemplifications
Aircraft / Highspeed Railroad / Windpower Generator / Hyperloop
Examples) Aircraft
Examples) Highspeed Railroad
Examples) Windpower Generator
Eexamples) Hyperloop

Safety Tip!

Nut structure that is never loosened even with continuous vibration and impact!

•SpringLock is anti-loosening apparatus for nut that unbelievably tights nut wedged by shape and strength of spring. With constant vibration and stress, There is no way for nut to be loosen if Springlock is installed. SpringLock is low cost product and simple processing for large size. It is magic to the industry.

Product specifications

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